My research aims to inform policymakers and make a broader impact.

Several news outlets have covered some of my papers, and some governing bodies have used my research to inspire policy. Moreover, I engage in various dissemination activities to bring research closer to non-expert audiences. Below you can find a selected list of such activities:

Use-inspired outcomes

Mapping discrimination in Europe through a field experiment in amateur sport

Austrian Parliament. Motion for resolution. Parliament members used the results from this research to debate ethnic discrimination and inspire policy  

Research grants

Forschungskredit. Field experiments on ethnic discrimination and low-cost interventions in sports

Financed by UZH Postdoc Grants, No. FK-22-024 (2022)

Spark project. Detecting social integration through sports clubs participation

Financed by Swiss National Science Foundation. Supervision: Prof. Dr. Helmut Dietl. No. CRSK-1-190264 (2020)

Podcast host

The (weekly) Sports Piece. I run a research podcast with two colleagues. We discuss scientific articles using sports data. We also invite authors to provide their insights into the topics. You can listen to this podcast on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast