In research, I use sports as a lab to analyze behavior and social issues; more prominently, these are related to participation and inequality. My latest projects rely on experimental methods to examine ethnic discrimination, test the effectiveness of policies from governing bodies, and identify gender biases. The aim is to provide organizations with evidence to make informed decisions.

The entries below are a selected list of refereed journal publications, book chapters, and work in progress. For a complete list of research outcomes, please see the CV.

Refereed Journal Publications

Examining discrimination against Jews in Italy with three natural field experiments

with Cornel Nesseler, Helmut Dietl, and Pter Parshakov. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, in press, 2023. [DOI]

Do LGBTQ-supportive corporate policies affect consumer behavior? Evidence from the video game industry

with Peter Parshakov, Iuliia Naidenova & Cornel Nesseler. Journal of Business Ethics, in press, 2022 [DOI]

How to reduce discrimination? Evidence from a field experiment in amateur soccer

with Robert Dur & Cornel Nesseler. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 49, 175–191, 2022 [DOI]

Mapping discrimination in Europe through a field experiment in amateur sport

with Cornel Nesseler & Helmut Dietl. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8, 1-8, 2021 [DOI]

A prospective analysis of competitive balance levels in Major League Soccer

with Julio del Corral, Todd Jewell, Jorge García & Cornel Nesseler. Review of Industrial Organization, 54, 175-190, 2019 [DOI]

Book Chapters

The economics of sports betting and sports betting in economics

with Julio del Corral. In R. Butler (Ed.), The Handbook of Sports Economics (pp. 197-212), 2021. Newcastle: Agenda Publishing.

Professional tennis in the twenty-first century: Hawk-Eye on competitive balance

with Julio del Corral. In P. Rodríguez et al. (Eds.), Outcome Uncertainty in Sporting Events (pp. 27-43), 2020. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Hitting the ball forward. The economics of racket sports

with Julio del Corral. In P. Downward et al. (Eds.), The Handbook of Sports Economics (pp. 452-461), 2019. London: Sage Publications.

Work in progress

Arriving in Argentina: A field experiment with soccer clubs

with Gwen-Jiro Clochard, and Helmut Dietl

Take one for the team. How leaders influence team performance

with Iuliia Naidenova, Cornel Nesseler, and Pter Parshakov

LGBTQ-friendly policies and discrimination in the videogame industry

with Iuliia Naidenova, Cornel Nesseler, and Pter Parshakov

Mandated female board representation in sports federations in Spain

with Sara Suarez

Decomposing the gender gap in sports practice

with Sara Suarez, Maria Jose Suarez and Jaume Garcia