In teaching, I have experience in courses on quantitative methods in social sciences, often focusing on sports. I am convinced that situated scenarios where students apply concepts, put hands-on research, and develop problem-based skills provide the best learning opportunities. In my classes, I use a wide range of teaching methods, for example, case studies, flipped classroom formats, presentations, debates, and tutorials, to complement traditional lecture time and foster teamwork, interaction, and communication. I also enjoy helping students who want to build their research ideas and write their theses. 

Additionally, I regularly participate in teaching innovation conferences and continuing education programs to develop teaching skills. In the long run, I would like to implement a project-based learning program where students can help sports organizations and apply their skills outside the university. You can find an overview of my teaching experience in the entries below.

Teaching Experience

BA courses:

Logistikmanagement - 3 ECTS (2022)

Inequality in sports and service organizations - 3 ECTS (2021)

Thesis supervision - 11 students

MA courses:

Research-based (sports) economics and management - 3 ECTS (2023)

Service and operations management - 6 ECTS (2021, 2022)

Trends in the sports business - 3 ECTS (2022)

Thesis supervision - 13 students

BA courses:

Quantitative methods in micro- and macroeconomics - 6 ECTS (2016-2019)

Thesis supervision - 9 students

BA courses:

Quality control and customer service - 9 ECTS (2017)

MA courses:

The global economics of sport - 6 ECTS (2018-2022)

Other Teaching Merits

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Higher Education - Teaching Skills. University of Zurich (2023)

Supervisor Award. 3rd position - National Contest Arquimedes, Spain (Social Sciences). BA thesis. Analisis de rankings universitarios: Liderazgo femenino y techo de cristal (Teresa Romero Madrid, University of Castilla-La Mancha, June 2018)